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  • What is a life coach?
    Experienced Life Coaches guide you beyond your existing biases about your life. They ask introspective questions to get you past your limiting beliefs. They challenge your thinking so you become the best version of yourself.
  • Who is Rich Campbell?
    Rich Campbell guides you on your path toward owning your thoughts. He frees you from anxiety about the future to get what you really want out of your life right now.
  • Does Living Well – Leading Well offer virtual options?
    Yes. I leverage every available technology to ensure you surpass your goals.
  • How do I rid myself of anxiety?
    You create your anxiety through your perceptions, which aren’t always as accurate as you might think. You eliminate your anxiety by adjusting how you view the world around you. Life isn’t as hard as it seems when you know your true self.
  • Why am I depressed when I’m so successful?
    Outward circumstances don’t lead to inward depression. Success and fulfillment are not the same. Depression results from the presumptions you hold about your physical, mental and emotional health. You can learn new practices that align your life on a path toward genuine fulfillment.
  • How does Life Coaching help me?
    You fully immerse yourself in your life. Much like professional athletes fully immerse themselves in their sport. The difference between those who break records and those who don’t show up? Coaches. Coaches give you more than showing up skills. They enable you to win your life.
  • What can I expect during coaching sessions?
    You question your most deeply held values. You reflect, clarify your beliefs and identify opportunities for growth. Most importantly, you write a specific plan to implement your newly uncovered insight into your daily life.
  • Do I need Life Coaching?
    Yes. A guided discovery into your true self ensures your success and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fulfillment. It’s an investment into the person and professional you want to become.
  • Where is Living Well – Leading Well located?
    Living Well – Leading Well is located at 607 Heritage Ct, Holland, Michigan.
  • How much does Life Coaching cost?
    You can expect to invest 899 for a one-hour session up to 15,799 for a more fully immersive experience that will guide you to change how you think to achieve mental freedom. CLICK HERE to invest in your high-performance mental fitness!
  • How does Life Coaching help me?
    Nothing in your life or business improves without examining your strengths and weaknesses. It’s never healthy – mentally or physically – to wallow in your brain’s dysfunction. You need Life Coaching whenever you need a better path.
  • Do I need help with my substance abuse?
    Everyone needs help to change self-destructive habits. Substances hijack your brain to turn habits into addictions that require more strength to overcome. You can overcome substance abuse with the right resources.
  • How do I stage an intervention?
    Courage and love lead to interventions. Successful interventions result from planning, preparation, wisdom and action. Educate yourself about addiction with my book, The Addiction Monologues. Approach an intervention as the beginning of a process. Not an event.
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