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COUNSELING philosophy

The best version of you remains locked deep within. It’s desperate for freedom. Fear – often manufactured in your own brain – limits your potential by distorting your values and convictions.


You, your family, friends and colleagues know you’re capable of greatness. They want to propel you forward. You inspire them.


Don’t keep everyone waiting. Get the life strategy coaching you need to unleash the best version of yourself today!

Living Well Counseling Holland MI

My life journey (34).png (36).png (33).png

Hiking alone in the Canadian wilderness 50 miles from civilization, I lost my map. Even after I found it, I was still lost because I couldn’t read it. Knowledge (a map) doesn’t create mental freedom. Knowing how to act upon that knowledge brings freedom.


Starting campfires in the pouring rain of the Minnesota wilderness taught me that success results from your mindset, attention to detail and consistent practice.


 I lost situational awareness and failed to intercept a hostile nuclear aircraft as a young U.S. Air Force intelligence officer. Such a massive breakdown taught me that failure is necessary to learn.

depression-1250870_960_720.jpg (37).png (42).png (41).png (40).png (39).png

A senior Air Force officer berated me for giving him only superficial information on a target. I quickly learned to ask good questions to get good answers. Hard questions reveal intent and insight to better grasp the full picture.


My amazing son – born with autism – teaches me every day that life is simultaneously simple and complex with every changing moment.

Kid with Basketball

Action reveals beliefs, not what you know. I heard about parachutes, but until I jumped out of a plane I didn’t authentically believe that they worked. Authentic belief begins with action.

Jumping Off the Plane

A gentlelady retired from a seven-figure career that was filled with anxiety and emotional pain. She never reconciled her success with comments from her childhood about her limited potential. You create your emotions through your perceptions. Challenge your beliefs. (38).png

A successful business owner lacking fulfillment transformed his devastating beliefs about himself into a growth mindset. He developed a concise vision and a map to make it happen through serving others with gratitude. Do something that matters to those around you to feel truly fulfilled and free.


COUNSELING Qualifications

  • Master of Social Work, Grand Valley State University, 2006

  • Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, USDOD, 1990

  • Master of Arts, Political Science, Naval Postgraduate School, 1990

  • USAF Officer Training School, Commissioned Officer, 1986

  • Bachelor of Science Geology, Winona State University, 1983.


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