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Reasons to get
Counseling & Coaching:  

Increase your sense of fulfillment.

Reach your potential across all facets of life.

Improve your self control & addiction.

Improve your emotional intelligence (or EI).

Improve communication & social skills.

Increase your confidence & decision-making skills.

how long will you wait?

Feeling discouraged and uninspired?

Rich Campbell

Holland Counselor - Rich Campbell

You feel hopeless when you don’t know what you really need out of your relationships and your work. It saps your strength and leads to poor performance at home and at the office.


You don’t need to feel this way. You must free your mind to become emotionally and physically capable of performing at your highest level.


More than 1,000 Intelligence Officers in the U.S. Air Force developed critical thinking and analytical skills with the guidance I provided to them. I helped Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, musicians, martial artists, moms, dads, undergraduates and high school students reach their highest level of success.


You will develop the unique skills you need to successfully strategize your life and work.


As your life coach and guide, I will give you the tools to feel encouraged and inspired to face the challenges and opportunities that will inevitably come your way.


Don’t lose another moment of your life with no sense of direction. Let’s connect and get you started TODAY!

Enjoying Outdoor
Jacyln Resseguie

Someone I respect once asked me, ‘Is it hard or will it take practice?’ when I complained about how hard it might be to act in a leadership role. It weighed on me. I never thought 3 years ago that I would even be capable of holding a management position. I was a wreck when Rich and I met. His open-minded way of coaching me over the years has guided me in times of true struggle into being the best version of myself. For that I am grateful.

Meditating Outdoors
Melody DeWitt

I worked with Richard Campbell on family issues over several years, including trauma, alcoholism and anxiety. I literally find it hard to believe how impactful and life-changing my sessions with Rich have been. I left each session with more knowledge and understanding about the ‘whys,’ the physiological, emotional, spiritual and behavioral factors, as well as the biochemistry of the mind-body connection. During each session Rich gave me specific tools and strategies to use in my daily life to overcome these issues that plague so many of us. I thank God for what Rich has done for my entire family.

Man Hiking in Nature
DYS Media

Rich Campbell's weekly coaching has tremendously improved the lives of our Digital Media Relations partners over the years. Living Well Leading Well challenges long-held beliefs and assumptions to ensure DYS Media delivers the highest-value products with honesty, integrity and trust.

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