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Do you fear negative outcomes that never happen?

How much of your time do you spend agonizing over an upcoming speech, an important meeting or even a networking event?

If you’re like most people, you put 10 times the energy into hashing over everything that could go wrong than you put into preparing. You could forget your lines. You could say something offensive at a high-stakes meeting. People might not like you. What are the consequences of screwing up?

As far as your mind is concerned, your career is over. You lose your $5 million home and Land Rover. Your family abandons you and you’re off to Vegas to gamble away the rest of your earnings. You haven’t even left your house yet!

Then what happens?

Everything runs more smoothly than you could have ever imagined. Perhaps hiccups do occur. They’re not a big deal and the consequences are certainly not as big as you made them out to be.

You don’t need to spend another moment agonizing over a future or past that doesn’t exist. You can choose to spend your time improving your thoughts, thinking of solutions to problems you solve and adding value to the world around you.

It’s all in your head.

You train your brain like you train your body. Put it on a diet and only feed it information from which you can learn. Owning and directing your thoughts isn’t easy and it certainly can’t be bought. The hardest part is starting the journey. With guidance it becomes obtainable.

High-Performance Mental Fitness won’t change your life overnight, but it will change your life.

Ready to exercise your brain? Call Rich Campbell at (616) 566-4576 or visit Living Well - Leading Well to start guiding your thoughts to a better peace of mind today!

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