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Ready for some heavy lifting?

New Year's Resolutions!

Over half the adult US population is thinking about becoming more physically fit in 2023. How long will that last? Half will abandon the thought before the end of February.

Why can't you follow through? Have you tried before without success? What stops you? Your mind does. It's a belief you formed in childhood. Probably prior to the age of 10. Not good enough. Not smart enough. Not (fill in the blank) enough.

How do you fix this? Are you doomed to be held down by your limiting beliefs? No! Start with a different resolution. Start by pursing mental fitness. Commit to owning your thoughts and refining your beliefs. If you do, you will truly set yourself apart and join an elite tribe.

Mental Fitness as a New Year's resolution doesn't make the top 20. That's why 91% of those making resolutions to improve in 2023 won't be successful. That's a scary statistic!

Make the resolution to exercising your mind (High Performance Mental Fitness). You'll be able to follow through on physical fitness or any other resolution you choose. It's the one change that will change everything in 2023.

Take action:

In the next 24 hours commit to 15 minutes of reflection to identify one limiting or distorted belief.

  • Write it down - Look at it - Read it out loud - Burn it!

  • Write down a NEW belief to replace the limiting or distorted belief.

  • In the next 24 hours engage in an action that demonstrates your new belief.

Pairing action with your new belief is essential to learning and mastery. As part of the process share your NEW belief in the comments section to inspire both yourself and others!

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